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My name's Lauren. I live in the middle of nowhere- Minnesota. I hate the cold, and I'm kind of obsessed with California. I'm sarcastic, I'm cynical, and I come off as a huge bitch- but I assure you, I'm a sensitive little kid on the inside that just wants a hot pocket and Netflix. By the way, I LOVE talking to new people. So please don't hesitate to message me or ask me random things. Enjoy my blog. Blah Blah Blah. 💋
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My roommate and I are really sick and we look like shit, but we were hungry so we ordered pizza.
But we didn’t want anyone to see us, so we asked them over the phone if we can leave the money on the door and they can just drop off the pizza.

The guy said sure.

So we decided to leave a nice little note


and we hung it above the door bell. I hope they like it!




pizza cares

Pizza understands

pizza spelt its own name wrong